Monday, March 1, 2010

Getcha kicks, marimba pick-ups (like taking action on regrets)

Have I been secretly priming the pump for my future self? Are we still in contact, in some meta messaging system, now switched over to the cognitive platform in the dead of night of the Dark City? But then, the self current is always being primed by the self previous. Good morning, good night forever.

Skinny heart: you're a secret, but I can see you. As much as you already want to lie to yourself, you must remember that wanting to be sick can be in itself a sickness. There's a fast clock on the trading floor; remember that it counts your time, too.

How grateful we ought to be, how alone we are? Fewer adults have not been dedicated to your care before, nor more. You are finally truly alone at last, most of you. The dark-haired woman will not be patrolling the halls searching, to scold you, to collect you in and hold you. Take heart in your freedom with every early morning you must drag yourself back to the life you've carved out, to keep digging youself into the hole.

Deep heart, you are here to recall that all daylight is not bad and all darkness not evil. You can still skate on skinned knees, and you will when spring comes. Once you had summer legs, bramble-scratched and and rambled, and someday day baby, you will too. If Mikey won't marry you no one could, but future lover, someday will be your first, and I'm here to ask if I'll be there to share in it.
Comfort, comfort
Why do you run for it?
Why can't you keep doing
What you're supposed to do?

Why do you have to go?
Why do you have to go?
I'm in the dark unknown
And you're staying home

- Animal Collective, "Graze"

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