Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to Write Again (retrospective from a week or two)

"On ne peut penser et écrire qu’assis [one can’t think and write unless one is seated] (Gustave Flaubert). ––Now I’ve got you, you nihilist! Ass-iduity is the sin against the Holy Spirit. Only thoughts that come to you by walking have any value.”
- Nietzsche, bad translation of
Transcend algebra when the variables start to speak of their own volition. You're checking your graph against your class, but you can see the uncertainty in the curves and if you let it go you know you've come to the right conclusions.

Wait for the night to overtake, wait for the moment to feel you coming on, start with the first word you hear and don't leave spaces. Start in and: keep hold of the only ways you'll ever go, use words like they'll never come together in real literature. You're real literature, you're never real, you'll ever be. Friday nights, never ends, changes when you've had long enough already. Nietzche alluded to it, I'm anxiety and walking proof. Walk-walk-walk it, tell me about high ceilings in libraries, buildings you don't believe in, marching bands and circus housing and entertaining the inevitable.

I've aching eyes and throat, wrists and ankles, but it could be my own fault for screaming at the sound and sleeping under the lights. Girl later, I'll write you a manifesto for making friends; girl today, come down and say hey hey, I always wanted to know you. If you've got a bowl of rice and c-o-n-c-e-n-t-r-a-t-i-o-n, I've got what it takes to be better. Time is strong, carry on, carry on. Melt in the lines, switch over the times, tell me when you're out on the other side.

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